Planning Your Homeschool Curriculum

Planning Your Homeschool Curriculum.

When you first begin to think about the massive curriculum you can teach your child, it can be very overwhelming. I remember the first day I sat at the computer with no ideas on what to teach first. Although my children were learning everyday without me putting that subtitle on my mind “today is homeschool”, we just generally went with the flow. From writing in activity books, painting and singing songs. It was just us having fun.

Eventually, the day came when I had to mail out the “Permission to Educate” I call it.  But also known as the Letter of Intent. Given so that week I had to come up with a daily homeschool plan. So, I decided to take every subject head on.

Additionally, there is really no step by step instructions on how to homeschool your little one at home. Google seem to help with finding specific books for each subject; English, Math, History, Health & Science.

However, I thought to myself “Will I be able to cover everything in all the books I will purchase?”. The answer is yes if you have homeschooled all year round it is very possible. Your child will be more advance and prepared for the next grade level.

Meanwhile, don’t get the blues on creating the perfect homeschool curriculum. But challenge yourself to have more daily fun activities. Teaching to your child should not be boring like the dreaded hours in regular school. When your eyes would glaze behind the teacher’s head to see what time the bell will ring because your belly is rumbling, that good owe deep dish pizza is calling you.

Here Are a Few Fun Game Activities Below.

  • Spelling word games
  • Matching words
  • Counting numbers
  • Playing Store to learn about money.
  • Word Search
  • Dry Erase Board Test Taking

Homeschool is Life.

Everyday without knowing it your brain is constantly learning. So never let your child’s brain be filled up with junk; only accruing knowledge that they can use later in life. There is that saying you are what you eat, essentially switch that into truth stating knowledge is what I digest. If you digest knowledge your children will follow.

If you are a mom homeschooling comment below some fun learning activities you and your children play together.

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