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State law does not mandate any particular procedure for regulating home schooling. Instead, a 1994 circular letter from the state education commissioner to local school superintendents (copy attached) suggests procedures for parents and local school districts to follow when parents educate children at home. The suggested policy includes the following:

1. Parents file a form with the local school superintendent stating their intention to teach their child at home and providing basic information about their educational program. The information on the suggested form includes the teacher’s name, the subjects to be taught, the days of instruction, and what the teacher’s assessment methods will be. The notice remains in effect for one year.

2. The school district makes sure the form is complete and retains it as part of its permanent records. School officials hold an annual portfolio review with parents to determine if they have given the legally required instruction.

The circular letter states that, if the suggested procedure is followed, the requirements of Sections 10-184 and 10-220(a) will be satisfied.

Under the policy, by filing the form, the parent acknowledges full responsibility for the child’s education according to the law. By receiving the form, the school district does not signify its approval of the content or effectiveness of the home instruction.

The children of parents who refuse to file the form or to participate in the annual portfolio review may be declared truant but the law does not require parents to follow the SBE policy, file the form, or participate in annual reviews.

*This information was not compiled by a lawyer. This should by no means be interpreted as legal advice. It is your responsibility to interpret and understand the laws that you will be homeschooling under.

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